Bringing Peace of Mind to Homeowners Since 1978
Our lifetime warrantied steel siding, gutters, and roofing offer Nebraska homeowners the beauty, durability, and peace of mind they deserve! We also proudly install Soft-Lite windows (an Energy-Star most efficient window) and TEMO pergolas, patio covers, and sunrooms. We provide the absolute highest-quality home exterior products and installation – and refuse to settle for anything less.
What Sets ABC Seamless Products Apart?
We provide the absolute highest-quality home exterior products and installation – and refuse to settle for anything less.
Meet Our Team
Meet the ABC of Nebraska team! We're a group of go-getters who aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. We believe our unique personalities and skills make us even stronger, so we're able to achieve our biggest goal: providing the best service, products, and installation to our customers!
Learn More about Ryan
Ryan Peery
Ryan Peery

Meet our ABC consultant, Ryan! Ryan has been a consultant with us since 2020. His favorite part of the job is the flexibility, and he loves our TEMO patio products. If Ryan isn’t working, he’s at the softball field watching his two daughters hit homeruns. Ryan loves to talk, and though he won’t admit it, he’s got a huge heart!

  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • Three facts: He’s afraid of heights, a bit of an impulsive buyer, and somewhat of a hoarder
  • “I’m happiest when… I’m at the softball field.”
Learn More about Gary
Gary Merritt
Gary Merritt

Meet our ABC consultant, Gary! Gary has been working with ABC of Nebraska since 2019. He enjoys interacting with his coworkers and being a part of the ABC of Nebraska family. Gary’s favorite ABC Seamless product? ALL our steel products: siding, roofing, gutters, soffit, and fascia. Gary loves trekking across Central Nebraska to see his customers, who love his down-to-earth good natured-ness!  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his grandkids.

  • Favorite food: Italian
  • Three Facts: He’s humble, keeps to himself (for the most part), and has been a part of the sales industry for 40 years
  • “I’m happiest when… I’m relaxing at home.”
Learn More about Darin
Darin Erbes
Darin Erbes

Meet our ABC consultant, Darin! Darin has been a part of our team since 2020. His favorite part of the job is the variety of different people he gets to meet. Darin’s favorite product is our seamless siding. When he’s not meeting with customers, he enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, and boating with his family. Darin loves talking hunting—if you get him started, he might not stop!

  • Favorite food: “If I catch it, I will eat it!”
  • Three facts: He’s an outdoorsman, an oldest sibling, and the father of a newborn baby
  • “I’m happiest when… I’m spending time with my family and have no cell phone service.”
Learn More about Todd
Todd Hosek
Todd Hosek

Meet our ABC consultant, Todd! Todd has been a part of our team since 2020. He enjoys working for ABC Seamless because he gets to meet with all types of customers without having to travel too much. He’s a big fan of all of our seamless steel products. In his free time, he enjoys golfing (he’s not too bad!) and traveling to Florida to see family. He loves to talk sports, and he has quite the contagious laugh!

  • Favorite Food: Italian
  • Three Facts: He’s the 1989 World Champion of Taekwondo (he was even invited to the Olympic trials in 1992!), he was in the Navy for 6 years, and he’s a big Chief’s Fan
  • “I’m happiest when… the Huskers win!”
Learn More about Brandon
Brandon Holtorf
Brandon Holtorf

Meet our ABC consultant, Brandon! Brandon has worked here since 2017. He gets a lot of satisfaction out of helping homeowners improve their homes. His favorite ABC product is: All of them! “They’re maintenance free. Who doesn’t want that?!,” he says. Brandon enjoys golfing (he’s not afraid to put some money down on winning!), fishing, watching sports, and hanging out with his friends and family. Fun fact: Brandon is ranked 2nd in the state for career total yards in high school football (second to the one and only Scott Frost!). Brandon’s laid back attitude is a nice contrast to our fast-paced industry!

  • Favorite Food: Seafood
  • Three Facts: He grew up on a farm, he can’t swim, and he hates cilantro
  • “I’m happiest when…I’m helping others—or when the Husker Football team is winning!”
Learn More about Mike
Mike Boren
Mike Boren

Meet our ABC consultant, Mike! Mike started with us back in 2018. He enjoys working in this industry and knowing he’s giving his customers a product that will last. Mike’s favorite product is our seamless siding. When he’s not in the office or meeting with customers, he enjoys motocross racing. He recently purchased dirt bikes for his kids to make it a family affair!

  • Favorite Food: Mexican
  • Three Facts: He’s a “hell of a cook”, loves to fish and hunt, and calls himself “Mr. Mom.”
  • “I’m happiest when… I’m with my kids!!”
Learn More about Carter
Carter Kotas
Carter Kotas

Meet our ABC consultant, Carter! Carter has been with ABC of Nebraska since April 2021. He gets a lot of satisfaction out of helping homeowners improve their homes. His favorite ABC product is: All things steel! “ABC steel is a top quality material, protecting your home,” he says. “Who doesn’t want that?!” Carter enjoys golfing & tennis, and being a dad. Fun fact: He won big brother of the year in 2011 & 2012 in the Grand Island area! Carter is happiest when he gets to interact with people, so he can’t wait to meet with you!

Learn More about Larry
Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler

Meet our Sales R, Larry! Larry has been a part of the ABC of Nebraska team since 2013. He enjoys helping customers solve their problems and making their homes the best they can be. Larry’s favorite ABC product is our steel roofing system. His free time consists of golfing, spending time with his grandson, and wood working.  Larry has played a huge part in growing the family-style culture at ABC of Nebraska.

  • Favorite food: BBQ
  • Three facts: He grew up in the construction field (his father was a mason), he’s a Michigan Wolverines fan, and he’s lived in 5 different states
  • “I’m happiest when… My tasks are completed, and my customers/coworkers are happy.”
Learn More about Ted
Ted Franssen
Ted Franssen

Ted is the owner of ABC of Nebraska—and our fearless leader! After graduating from high school, Ted found himself installing siding, gutters, and windows for ABC Seamless—the nation’s largest seamless steel siding franchise. He learned he was not only good at installation, but he had a knack for working directly with homeowners.  With a focus on quality work and products, Ted quickly moved into sales and eventually ownership. In 1996, Ted purchased his first ABC Seamless franchise in Central Nebraska (Wood River).  He grew the business to the point of winning the “ABC Seamless Franchise of the Year” award in 2004.  Ted took the next step in 2005 when he purchased the Omaha franchise.  Previously a corporate-owned, this second location started what is now called ABC Seamless of Nebraska.  In 2015, he acquired his third store in Lincoln, Nebraska, and won his second “ABC Seamless Franchise of the Year” award in December of 2015. Ted has built quite a name for himself in the world of exterior home improvements, but he’ll never forget how it all started: with a ladder, a truck, and a tool belt. Ted is one of 3 children from Lincoln, Nebraska.  His brother, Jason, is the Production Manager for the ABC Seamless of Nebraska Wood River location.  Ted has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  In his spare time, he enjoys boating, skiing, golfing, Nebraska football, and spending time with his kids and grandkids.

Learn More about Dan
Dan Heminger
Dan Heminger

Meet Dan Heminger, our Production Director! Dan has been with ABC Seamless of Nebraska since 2016. His favorite ABC of Nebraska product is our steel shake roofing systems. “They usually replace wood shake shingles, and the change from wood to steel looks so great.” Dan loves the relationships he’s built at ABC of Nebraska, and the feeling of accomplishment he gets when he sees the finished products on customer homes. When he’s not coordinating all things production, he’s golfing, fishing, or spending quality time with his daughters.

  • Favorite Food: Rare steak, preferably a filet
  • Three Facts: He’s a Call of Duty master, he speaks Spanish fluently, and he’s big history buff
  • “I’m happiest when…my phone is off and I’m spending time with my kids. And of course when jobs are done and customers are happy!”
Office Team
Learn More about Ciara
Ciara Treptow
Ciara Treptow

Meet Ciara Treptow – our Prodution Coordinator! She’s been with the company since April of 2021. She loves the hardworking and supportive atmosphere at ABC Seamless of Nebraska. “Everyone here cares for another, both professionally and personally,” she says. Her favorite ABC Seamless offering is our TEMO patio products. She loves their customized look, and the end results, which are “absolutely beautiful!” When she’s not attacking challenges and tasks at the office, she’s spending time with her four children, whether driving to their sports activities, cooking dinner, or having family movie nights.

  • Favorite Food: Loaded baked potatoes
  • Three facts: She grew up on a farm in Central Nebraska, prefers to work on her own vehicle rather than take it to a shop, and her appendix burst when she was young.
  • “I’m happiest when…I’m with my family – drinking coffee and going to concerts.”
Learn More about Kelly
Kelly Blecke
Kelly Blecke

Meet Kelly Blecke, the ABC Seamless of Nebraska Communications Coordinator! She’s been with the company since February of 2021. Her favorite part of her gig is the laid-back culture of the ABC Seamless workplace and the people she works with, including both the ABC Seamless team and the wonderful customers she gets to help. Her favorite product is ABC Seamless steel log siding. “It’s so fun and unique compared to any other siding product out there!” says Kelly, who can’t wait to learn more about the industry as she becomes invested in it. When she’s not crafting social media posts and scheduling appointments for our industry-leading sales team, she’s bowling (very well, we might add – her collegiate average is 174!),  reading, or dominating bar trivia with her friends.

  • Favorite Food: Chicken salad sandwiches. “Nuff said!”
  • Three Facts: She loves musicals, her favorite vacation was to Alaska, and she’s classically trained in Gothic calligraphy.
ABC Seamless Gutters
“The gutter crew’s knowledge and professionalism was apparent throughout their visit. They hit the ground running and didn’t quit till the job was done, a crew with their caliber is rare this day and age.”
ABC Seamless Windows
“Wow! What a difference good windows make. Our house holds our heat in – thank you! It’s all because of the siding and the windows. Definitely worth the investment!”
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